Who We Are

The Silver Lining Foundation (the Foundation) is a non-profit organisation that was formed in 1999 by four businessmen from Brisbane.

Formed to offer a hand up to young Australians who fell between the cracks, the Foundation began working with Edmund Rice Education in the Cherbourg area in 2001 after learning that a significant number of young Indigenous people were dropping out of school. Edmund Rice Education operated a small annex to Murgon State High School for educationally disengaged young people.

The Foundation raised funds to purchase land on the Bunya Highway between Murgon and Wondai, about 15 kilometres from the Aboriginal town of Cherbourg. We planned that alternative education tailored to the needs of these young people could be provided there.

We spent approximately four years talking to local Indigenous people to build a trusting relationship with them and to seek their input into what we could do to offer hope to their youth.

In 2005 and 2006, Edmund Rice Education indicated it was not able to provide the education envisaged so the trustees formed a company, Silver Lining Foundation Limited, to assist local Indigenous youth by offering them and their families on the job training opportunities and empoyment.

Trading as Iron Bark Ridge Services and working from the Foundation's property between Murgon and Wondai, SLF Limited offered rural contracting and hospitality services through out South East Queensland. Between November 2007 and April 2012, it trained and employed 100 local Indigenous people in the provision of these services.

In April 2012, it was decided to seek the support of a larger organization. The Foundation subsequently entered into an agreement with the Shaftesbury Centre for the provision of education, work experience and on the job training to local Indigenous and non Indigenous Australians. The Foundation granted Shaftesbury use of its land and gifted its assets to Shaftesbury for these purposes.


The Foundation is established as a trust (ABN: 84 531 691 659). It has been granted charity tax exemption and Deductible Gift Recipient status by the Australian Taxation Office. All gifts to it above $2.00 are tax deductible. It has also been approved as a charity by the Office of Fair Trading, Queensland (No CH1424).

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